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Forget about dealing with profit-driven estate sales agents. Work with 2 Brothers Estate Sales today and let our personable team handle your estate liquidation requirements. Our company is run by local brothers, and their family, who were raised in Washington, IL.

What makes us unique is our customer-oriented mindset. We treat our clients like family instead of just corporate endeavors. In addition, we are able to offer low commission and overhead rates because we keep the business within our family.

Furthermore, we take pride in the fact that our company is a big part of our heritage. Over the years, we have incorporated multiple family members into our team. By doing so, we are able to tap into the vast set of talents and resources within our family tree.

How It Started

2 Brothers started out as a hobby. For the longest time, our family has always loved going to public sales around the Central IL area. After visiting a number of estate sales, we saw that there was a need for people who can help individuals run their estate sales.

Driven by our passion for making a difference in the community, we decided to open our business. Although we started from the bottom, our family-owned company has grown over the years, gaining a respectable list of industry connections within the field of estate sales.

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